Pendant: Dragon Age II - House of Tides (Accessories)
Pendant: Dragon Age II - House of Tides
New!: 3/13/2020
Manufacturer: Epic Weapons
Item Code: EW1059
UPC: 013964396034
S.R.P.: $12.99
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The House of Tides - This image is thought to represent the qunari as a force of nature, anirresistible tide that will crash again and again upon your shores without relent... though nobody knows for certain. All that is known is that the qunari in Kirkwall bear this image on their flesh, applied through battle paint, as if in preparation for a war against the unbelieving infidels around them. The Dragon Age II collectible 3D pendants are emblems approximately 1? inches plated in black nickel.

**Chains and collector's stands sold separately.**

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